Sitemap - 2020 - CONTENTION

The dollar’s reign is in a downhill slide

Why is liberalism collapsing?

U.S. Navy buildup comes with a ‘bloodletting’

The Contention depression

2020 crisis fixes are 2021’s biggest risks

Job market, oil, Brexit face big contradictions

The rattlesnake recovery is almost over

War, austerity, and stocks all win big

Our best rapid dissent business news so far

Trump’s troop withdrawal is a mercenary giveaway

Massive Asia-Pacific trade deal shifts global power

China drops an anvil on Jack Ma

Markets celebrate as nothing changes

Markets plunge, GDP gains hide near zero growth

When will the COVID crisis begin?

U.S. sues Google, meddles in Thailand

IMF, World Bank abuses boost rich country fortunes

Business meets turmoil with inaction, austerity

The business of invading Armenia

Oil’s stall and a 10 to 20-year air travel downturn

Trump, markets can’t hope away the facts

COVID crisis now just a very bad recession

Elections won’t matter to markets, chaos might

Political failure chokes off recovery

What’s good for tech stocks is bad for the economy

Trump OKs TikTok road to nowhere

Arms trade underwrites Israel-UAE deal

Fires, Nikola’s ‘fraud,’ & climate profiteering

SoftBank bets spark market meltdown

Think about dollar contradictions like Xi

Did Facebook trade fascism for a TikTok ban?

No really, why are stocks still rising?

Home sales surge amidst malaise

Network effects vs. the dollar

Investors bet the worst won’t happen

Spending for war is a bumper crop

Executive decrees upend TikTok, relief debates

Wall Street doesn’t get why the dollar’s in trouble

Inequality underlies deepening COVID depression

Gold and oil: a tale of two commodities

Tesla signals a problem worse than a bubble

Semiconductor wars and China’s huge IPO

Banks booming, vaccine risks looming

Fed engineering & desperation still winning for now

Markets blow off messy job numbers

COVID's hot, the dollar's not

The "Great Disconnect" pauses

V-Shaped Recovery, we hardly knew ye...