Shortages, bubbles, austerity, and what might be coming next
Plus inflation & interest split, Ethiopia’s famine, El Salvador’s scam, G7’s mess
The CIA-linked data firm is gobbling up healthcare data around the world
Plus May jobs contradictions, JBS probably pays, Russia de-dollarizes, Peru votes
Plus new inflation numbers, China goes up to 3, Brexit drains London
Plus Fed minutes worry, Colombia shuts down, Epic takes on Apple
A superior response at home is paying dividends abroad
Plus Musk screws crypto, Israel risks downgrade, Palantir reports
Plus Biden’s vax flip, Elon’s SNL flop, and Colonial’s pipeline hack
Accounting games, outright fraud, and China overshadow inflated stock
Plus Fed keeps it frothy, Ford misses chips, Brazil sells out, Credit Suisse stays sorry
Business-first ‘soft’ denialism means disaster