Sitemap - 2021 - CONTENTION

Workers will pay for the Fed’s big screw up

Bad jobs report has a Wall Street silver lining

Powell promises to pretend he’s doing his job

More jobs, new risks from Fed tricks

U.S. war bosses think China just might win

Tesla, Fed, big tech, COVID: Things fall apart

Markets blow off virus credibility gap

The metaphysics of inflation

Is business braced for global unrest?

Does Brexit mean Ireland's day will come? 

Didi debacle shows who’s boss in China

Celebrating one year of Contention

Housing, job markets scarred by inflation

Fed freaks markets with hawkish turn

What we think the economy is doing

Climate change drought risks global unrest

Palantir wants your medical records

Does AMC’s surge mean curtains for the bubble?

ExxonMobil, repo markets break down

Crypto crashes under its own nonsense

How China is vaccinating the world

Nobody knows what’s up with prices and jobs

Wall Street loves job losses, Colombian repression

All the Tesla scams a newsletter can fit

Tesla reports more shady numbers

Biden’s climate plans will kill like COVID

Bitcoin stumbles because it’s a scam

Blood money recycling and the new cold war

Markets beat forecasts, workers into submission

IMF/World Bank austerity takes a hypocrite turn

West fans Myanmar flames to try and burn China

Biden industrial policy upends market orthodoxy

Bogus inflation fears screw workers worldwide

What Suez’s ‘black swan’ means for inflation

Capital markets 101

China widens big tech crackdown

Brexit speeds up U.K. decline

The U.S. government is lying about inflation

NFTs hook the greatest fools ever

Markets squeal from runaway feedback loops

China beats poverty, U.S. supply chains buckle

Business wins while Texas freezes

Speculation boosts stocks, baseball cards

Why is America spending $1.7 trillion on nukes?

Are our leaders siding with the virus?

Renters paying for the eviction crisis

A social crisis, a financial crisis, and back again

Busy news week all about weakening recovery

Reddit’s short squeeze spree is very bad news

Wall Street buys into Bitcoin scam

Economy still divided, Biden starts to cave

Biden’s ‘unity’ is unlikely, but possible

Racism threatens vaccine plans

India’s protesters beat Modi… for now

Fascist putsch, job losses not ‘horrible’ for markets

Climate change finances guarantee turmoil