Changing the way Contention works

Why you won’t see a newsletter on Monday

When we started Contention over a year ago, it was because we wanted to read something that didn’t exist yet, so we had to create it. 

We wanted there to be a publication that ignored the circus of electoral politics and focused on the bosses counting money behind the tent. We wanted to pierce both the unavoidable monotony of liberalism as well as the pointless self-indulgence of marginal, radical screeds. We wanted blunt, informed, dissident analysis of the space where the people in charge of the world open up the most -- the business pages, where they think nobody else is looking. 

We believe that we’ve been successful in this endeavor so far, and you all -- our growing, loyal readership -- tell us often that you agree. We have also learned that it is extremely difficult work. It’s difficult on the obvious level of taking many hours a week to read dozens or hundreds of stories on dry, complex topics, digest the information, study and hone the theoretical knowledge that makes that analysis possible, and then write, edit, and present something that honors your time in reading it. 

We have done that for 64 weeks now, never missing a Monday morning that we didn’t tell you we’d be taking off, with dozens of columns in between. If we’ve done it right, we’ve never once wasted your time.

The work is also tough on the level of watching a brutal system ramp up its wickedness as it shudders and fails. The stress is even worse when we look beyond the First World’s borders and see a human population in freefall, a catastrophe that almost nobody in this country -- not least those who claim to be “progressives” -- cares enough to even notice.

We want to keep Contention going because we see brave, brilliant people fighting desperately to do something about this long crisis, and we believe this is the best way we can serve them. But we also know that we cannot sustain the pace we’ve been working at so far. 

Our solution: Contention will be moving from our current weekly format to an occasional model, with at least two original columns per month. This gives us the best chance to keep delivering perspectives you can’t get anywhere else while protecting our own health and capacity -- this struggle will not end anytime soon, and we want to stick with it as long as we can. 

We hope you will understand why we are making this change and that you’ll stick with us moving forward, sharing Contention with others, and letting us know the information you need the most. 

We also hope that some of you will join us in this project. Adding new writers to our collective will help us create more, and open up new avenues for the publication. If you are interested in this opportunity, pitch us at We will be discriminating because that’s what our audience deserves, but we are eager to meet more of you, and give you a chance to learn like we have over the last 15 months. 

Thank you to all of our readers for the time and attention you’ve given to us -- they are the most valuable things a person can give to anybody. We are committed to honoring them always. 


Our only investment advice: Don’t worry.